Week 2: It’s All Greek to Me!


Yasas America!

This week was the start of classes.  I’m taking 4 classes: a Greek life and culture course, 2 marketing courses and an advanced writing class.

My Greek life and culture course is a little overwhelming because we’re learning how to speak, read and write in Greek.  If you’re unaware, Greece isn’t even using the same alphabet as us so unless I know how to read it magazines, menus and even street signs are completely useless to me.  But! I am learning– I can already count up to 20 in Greek and write my name (Τσάρλι) <– Charley.

My marketing classes are going well, yesterday my professor (who told us to just refer to him as ‘sir’ ??) started the class with “Do you have any questions about sales? ….or not about sales- does anyone have anything they want to talk about?”.  So we talked about Greece and the islands and their winery’s for probably 40 minutes.  I have a feeling I’m going to experience this a lot.

And lastly, my writing course.  If I wasn’t looking for the Greek accent from everyone I met, I would have assumed my professor was American.  Her accent is almost nonexistent and she’s the only teacher I have who I don’t have to strain my ears to understand what they are saying.  She’s very talkative and easy to converse with, I’m a fan. unnamed.jpg

American College of Thessaloniki’s Campus.  Only 3 buildings, slight change from MSU’s million. 😉

Friday morning we down to the City Centre to this amazing tiny restaurant called Estrella and ate our weight in breakfast.  We got nutella pancakes with ice cream, breakfast pizza with avocado and siracha, cappuccinos, bread, and this amazing dessert Greece is known for called ‘bougatsa’ which is basically a croissant surrounded by this pudding custard stuff served warm. Soooooo good.IMG_8610.jpg

Estrella Resturante, absolutely amazing little cafe where we split tables with locals and they offered us whiskey shots at 11am (don’t worry mom, we said no).

We spent the whole day shopping in little boutiques down town.  Since winter is (supposedly) over, sales are everywhere and they’re insane, 80% off the whole store insane.  We shopped all day before meeting up with a handful of our friends at a bar to watch the sunset and drink wine.  It really was beautiful. IMG_8608.jpg

We stayed there for hours, eating bread and tzaziki sauce and drinking more wine.  At almost every greek restaurant we’ve been to, we’ve realized if you stay long enough they’ll most likely give you free wine and dessert. The dessert is usually pudding or a flan type of jello, but they have all yet to disappoint.  And, of course, the wine has yet to disappoint too.

Lastly, on Saturday, we went to a very traditional Greek restaurant for lunch.  They had gorgeous cracked stone walls and lively music playing and when we walked in we felt like we had crashed a family dinner or reunion the way everyone was loudly talking to each other.  I ordered a Greek salad, (they straight just pouring olive oil on it as dressing, 7/10) Nicole and Maddie ordered lamb (we think) burgers, 6/10, and Elaina ordered eggplant parmesan (9/10).  Overall, it was an okay meal, but it was fun to be somewhere so traditionally Greek.  We ended the day by walking the boardwalk to a tea bar right on the water.  We sat outside and drank our ‘Traditional Greek Mountain Tea’ (and ate our free flan dessert) and watched the sunset again.  I’m getting so used to watching them every day I don’t know how I’m going to end my day any differently at home.

Oh! I almost forgot!  We went on a pirate ship tonight for a sunset cruise. It was a free trip around the harbor but you’re expected to buy a drink, so we all got beers and watched the sunset from the outside deck.  Very cold, very beautiful, very worth it. Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 11.06.04 PM.png

That’s all for this week,