Week 4: Alive in Athens!

Athens in 3: Historic,  time consuming, touristy.

We were able to see all the big attractions almost immediately upon arrival.  We took a 8 hour bus ride (should have been 5, but in Greece they have a rule where the bus driver has to stop every hour for a 10 or 20 minute rest) and arrived at the Divani Palace Acropolis around 6pm.  The hotel was beautiful and you could even see the Acropolis from our balcony! After a quick nap and shower, our whole program headed to the Acropolis Museum and from there stopped at a little Greek patio for dinner. Even at 8pm it was warm enough to eat outside and heck yeah we were taking advantage of that.

The next morning we took a bus tour around Athens, stopping at the Parliament House just in time to watch the ‘Changing of the Guards‘.  It was honestly one of the most unique things I have ever witnessed. Pictures below or click that link to watch it. And just remember, they do they every hour on the hour.  Theres something like 1300 guards, who do this unpaid, and everyone has like 3 shifts a day.  If that math doesn’t add up its because I don’t remember exact numbers but you get the idea!!IMG_9058.jpg


From there, we moved to the infamous Acropolis.  And climbed near a million steps to reach the top.  But it was absolutely incredible to think about when these pillars and buildings were originally created.  The current construction on the Acropolis is supposed to end in 2020, we were so close </3. IMG_9070.jpgIMG_0683.jpgIMG_9139.jpg

We went on to eat at a little restaurant at the base of the mountain where we were fed an insane amount of meat.  It’s a little sick but my RA made a joke saying that this restaurant must  slaughter a small farm every time this program goes to eat there. Obviously, he’s kidding, but once we saw that plate of meat he totally could have been telling the truth.

That night we went to (wait for it) Club Lohan.  As in Lindsay Lohan’s nightclub in Athens, Greece.  You’re probably asking the same question all of us did when we found out about Lohan which was, ‘Why does she have a nightclub in Greece’? And though we never found out the answer, we did find the club.  And it was nothing like I have ever experienced before.  There were confetti bombs, women dancing in silk scarves hanging from the ceiling, giant robot dancers literally any weird thing you could imagine in a club, it was probably there. 10/10 please go to Club Lohan in Athens. We had an insane time. IMG_9176.jpg

Overall, Athens was really cool.  The history was huge and impactful and the city was unique and beautiful.  It was also nice to have an excuse to watch Mama Mia, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Troy all in one weekend (8 hour bus rides, man).



Halara Fam!