Week 6: A Tourist in my own City!

This week I didn’t travel to anywhere but the 20 minute walk into my own city of Thessaloniki. I went to meet up with my friend Derek who I’ve known since 7th grade and who is staying in a hostel in Thessaloniki for the next few days visiting me.

It’s an odd thing to go so long without familiarity and then to suddenly have it right in front of you.  I spent the day with a piece of home yesterday and it was great.  If you’ve never hung out with Derek and I, usually all of our time together is decently similar and I can quickly break it down for you: he roasts me, I cry laughing, we talk about some stupid thing he did in high school, I cry laughing, we talk about how our mutual and not mutual friends are doing, I will probably cry laughing.

Don’t get me wrong, homesickness has not completely taken over my life.  If I get it, it’s usually just for a few moments and right after a Facetime with my friends who started the convo with something like, “Oh my God, you missed it last night..” And then I feel sad for .02 seconds until I remember that I’m sitting in a building with 40 new friends from all over the US and we’re all sitting in a country 5,000 miles away from the US that literally everyone wants to visit. And then I feel ok again:).

Since this week was a very (much needed) relaxed week this is going to be a short blog.  Also because its raining outside and I have to find an umbrella in this building so I can go meet Derek for lunch on the water.  But anyway, heres a couple pictures I took this week. Miss you all and talk to you soon!


When waiting for Derek to come meet us in the City we stopped at a Tapas Bar and got sangria, bruchetta, meatballs and this GORGEOUS dish.  It’s paella but instead of rice it’s with potatoes.  I haven’t had seafood since I’ve been abroad and this made me regret ever not ordering seafood here, it was to die for.IMG_9384.jpg
Tarot Card Reading on the water front next to the White Tower!  When I saw him I immediately told my friends to stop and I sat down.  I regret it.  During this picture the man on the left was telling this poor 15 year old Greek boy that he would cheat on his wife 1 time in his life. “But don’t worry, that doesn’t make you bad”. Me: ?????? But i was already sitting down on his mat so there was no getting out of it.  Long story short, I paid 5 euro to be told that I’m indecisive,  a bad dancer, and I should eat more fruit.  Sir, you told me absolutely nothing that I did not already know.  Oh well, he told me that if I come back the next day he would give me 3 more free cards so I probably will. Cross your fingers that I get better news!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-19 at 11.32.43 AM.jpeg

Remember the Pirate Ship Booze Cruise? Round 2!  We went after sunset this time and sat under a heater on the main deck and drank Methos beer and enjoyed the company.  I still am not over the beautiful views this city provides me for free.

Yasas home ❤


I was waiting in a coffee shop to meet Derek and started talking to the Greek man sitting next to me and something amazing happened.  (Just a little background, which I’m sure you don’t need, but in My Big Fat Greek Wedding there is a classic scene where the dad is explaining to his daughters friends that every word in the English language comes from the Greek language, ask him anything he can tell you the original Greek words) and anyway, this man asked me how my Greek was coming along and I told him fine but I was struggling and, I kid you not, he responds “Well you know all the words in your language came from ours”. I had to physically control myself not to laugh out loud.  He went on to explain specific words including ‘disaster’ and ‘catastrophe’ and exactly where they came from.  It was amazing.  Anyway, here’s a few more pictures from Derek’s cute little hostel!

Almost forgot to mention that today is the first time I experienced a rain storm here. At home I normally like to curl up in my bed when it starts raining because its so relaxing, but here being outside in the warm rain was peaceful, and watching it on the water was mesmerizing.  As odd as it sounds, I do miss rain. IMG_9399.jpgIMG_9453.jpg