Week 7: Buda Buda Buda Buda Rocking Everywhere

Suggestions for Budapest’s new tagline:
A) “Home of the thickest, richest hot chocolate know to man kind”
B) “Home of the 80 year old men who take baths outside in speedos smaller than most women’s bikinis”
C) “Home of currency conversion rates so wack you’ll be paying for a water bottle with a 1000 bill”
I knew very little about Budapest before my arrival in the Hungarian city. I knew they had crazy currency and there were outdoor thermal baths but I really wasn’t that informed about where I would be spending my long weekend. Our group made it to the AirB&B late Friday night, around 10:30, absolutely exhausted. We all claimed beds in the “sleeps 8” apartment (psh, we easily fit 12) and decided to grab dinner and a drink and have an early night.
The night did not go as planned. We grabbed dinner and then found a small pub to get a drink in around 1130. Between the hours of midnight and 4am we met groups of Hungarians, English men, and Australians who we bonded with by singing throwback songs and dancing with in the middle of the pub. Temple bar in Budapest, highly recommend.
Our AirB&B!  On what translated to “Night Street” it was a cute little colorful place with a quaint courtyard in the middle of the 3 levels  of balconies stamped with green doors.
On Saturday we walked near 12 miles exploring the city. We spent time on the famous Chain Bridge, found an awesome vintage designer clothing shop, and spent an hour or two in the Gellert Thermal Baths. Only 5,500 (about 16 euro) and you get to hangout with old Hungarians in a hot bath for as long as you want. This sounds gross but I promise you it was so relaxing, and if you know me well you know this is so up my ally.
Saturday night we went out to the 3rd oldest bar in the world. It had 10 different bars in the building and, surprise, we met back up with the group of English men from the previous night.
On Sunday we went to the Szechenyi Thermal Baths, the ones you always see in pictures, and spent near 3 hours there (lol). There are 3 huge outdoor pools, 1 whirl pool, 10 thermal baths inside and a handful of saunas. It was massive and beautiful and old and packed. Definitely the peak of the trip for me. Afterwards we walked through this little renaissance festival or something that was across the street and tried local street food. I don’t know what you’ve heard about Hungarian food but this street food was AMAZING. We got fried skewered potatoes, a huge cylinder of cinnamon dough and this plate of fried cheese with chicken and peppers on it. That last one was to die for and we demolished it in like 1 breath. There was ice skating along the way that we stopped and people watched at and found a small sushi joint to grab dinner at. By then, it was 8pm and our lack of sleep and access of activity had drained everyone. We called it a night and played cards in our pajamas with the rest of the group at home.
Budapest was beautiful, the food was unique, the people were kind and the weather was warm. Amazing trip and amazing friends I took it with.
(I didn’t learn any Hungarian so I can’t properly say goodbye to end the post)
xoxo fam, talk to you soon!